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  • apply for Exceptional Regional Growth Fund (eRGF)

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Before you start

This service is for businesses, not individuals.

To be eligible, the application must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum amount of grant requested must be £2 million
  • The bid is from a private organisation/company such as a limited company
  • The proposed project must be a commercial activity (i.e. the project does NOT concern the delivery of a public sector contract)
  • Government involvement must be small in relation to the overall private investment
  • The amount of grant requested must be the minimum required for the project to proceed as planned
  • The grant requested must be funding of last resort (i.e. all other avenues are proven to have been exhausted)
  • All executive decision-making documentation must be provided
  • The application and project must comply with current General Block Exemption Regulations (GBER) State Aid rules

For general enquiries regarding the Regional Growth Fund please contact Please note we will not be able to respond to queries regarding your specific application.